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    Jean Claude Van Damme

    I would totally pay decent money to see that go down. I might even be a little scared for him lol.
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    Got my training weapons last night

    Awesome. I remember when I got my weapons they were all exciting. Happy training with them.
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    the new karate kid

    so has anyone seen the trailer for this movie... At first i thought it was gonna be garbage but watching the trailer makes me think it might be a decent movie if you have not seen it check it out.
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    Arthritis in the wrist

    yeah the arthritis in the wrist sucks i feel your pain had it for a few months its a pain in the A**
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    Where Did The Basics Go?

    Very true i think you just figure well I done them for so long they don't need work. definetly will show when you switch styles
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    David Carradine R.I.P

    Very very sad.
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    Promoted By Email

    Funny that you say that, every time my old sensei emails me i do the same thing lol.
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    My tournament last weekend

    Great job.
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    That new onbak2 with tony jaa

    I keep hearing a lot about this movie i heard its just as action packed. I'll be checking.
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    I agree its a good time to reflect on your day. And I to have found that it helps with the temper and stress.
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    Bully beat down

    That was my first thought so inappropriate but yeah its kinda funny.
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    Kenpo Test

    very good kenpo techniques.
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    When meditating

    I agree. good advice.
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    Bully beat down

    Has anyone seen this show? I watched it for the first night tonight basically MMA artist beat up bullies. LOL at first i didn't know how to feel then i watched these loud mouth bullies talk crap and get beat up hilarious.
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    2009 Training Goals

    like many others my 2008 goals fell way short this year i plan on getting in the best shape i can and i plan on making it to class more often.