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    1st Dan

    Well done!!!!!:)
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    Is your school affiliated with a federation?

    Looking at the ITF run by Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa if you look at the members on there Master Roy Oldham and Mr John Archer are both listed as expired members. hope that helps Chris.
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    Info on master?

    Just wanted to know any info on him. in terms of when he started TKD, what aspects of TKD he may prefer, what are his lessons like if known.
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    Info on master?

    London and kent.
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    Itf - itf - itf????

    Hello. I hope someome can clear this up for me. am I wrong when I see 3 ( ? ) ITFs canada, austria? and is it korea (please correct me if wrong ) Which one is the real ITF (or claims to be) if your a graded in one would it be recognised in one of the others?? I assume they all use the same...
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    Info on master?

    Hi. Can anyone give me any info on a Master Wolf? Can't find much! He has schools down the south east of england. Cheers
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    Would you change??

    Just a quick question. If you were say being trained by for example 1st or 2nd degree black belt but had the chance to change and go train with 6th degree or higher would you move clubs?
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    Can anyone be a black belt??

    This is just a question to get eveyones thoughts. I have read on other threads about schools who are not in way of giving out black belts to just any one you have to be good at what you do to get them my question is can anyone be a black belt?
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    Totally Tae Kwon Do Magazine

    Looks good, reads good - Fantastic!!
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    Practical Applications of Chang Hon Forms

    good to hear that stuart can't wait!.
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    Totally Tae Kwon Do Magazine

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    Practical Applications of Chang Hon Forms

    I have said it before on this site that the book you wrote is great!so much info loads to read. please do another one so I can help feed your 4 kids!!!Regards Chris.
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    Practical Applications of Chang Hon Forms

    Hi. I have a copy of the paper back is worth getting the hard back. are they big corrections?? Regards Chris.
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    Change to TAGB!!!

    My instructor went for his 2nd dan a couple of weeks ago with an ITF organisation. He was told that his style of TKD was not what was wanted to liner. ( He didn't do sign wave right). He joind the ITF from another organisation. So he has decided he is going to change his club to a TAGB club...
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    Just a quick question what are peoples opinion on the TAGB?