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    Why does karate have better kicks than hands?

    But of course you train to protect yourself from blows to any where you can prevent taking damage.. in a SD situation the fight will last seconds not minutes!
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    Why does karate have better kicks than hands?

    I am not avicating not hitting the head, or blocking punches to the head. I am saying the head can take quite a lot of damage...the skull is heavy bone to protect the brain...
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    Why does karate have better kicks than hands?

    Yes I have.. ever had a cracked rib?
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    Pens as Weapons.

    yes I love my fountain pen for writing. prefer a ballpoint if I need a weapon!
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    Preferred weapon choice

    kukuri is excellent in combat!!! just ask how well they work for the Gurkha troops!
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    How easy is it to KO or kill your target with a completely unexpected sneak attack from behind?

    correct in general. if a knife or other weapon is involved and the attacker understands human anatomy you are in deadly deadly peril! a punch not as much generally. the big problem is as said above, in that the victim starts out at a psychological disadvantage and perhaps some physical...
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    I agree completely. when you are talking SD, the sport rules and measure of a "win" or "loss" means nothing!!! Do you have to have a fight for your life to be legitimate in what you teach? No, I would say not. and I have had to fight for my life, so I feel that I have a valid Opinion.
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    Why does karate have better kicks than hands?

    not in Okinawan styles. also the emphasis is on the body as that is the quicker way to stop that person being able to fight. if he can not breath he can not fight! you can fight still if your determined, with most of your facial bones broken with little reduction in your ability to fight...
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    Why does karate have better kicks than hands?

    Okinawan Karate does not have better kicks then hands. it has good kicks and good hands. to respond to some one who asked about face, and head punching, its there but the emphisis in most styles is on the body because if you brake ribs or damage the liver they can NOT continue to breath well or...
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    Is this a legal use of force with a gun...

    any time a choke or strangle hold is initiated against some one, then LETHAL FORCE has been initiated. even if it failed, at least in my state you have the right to use deadly force to defend yourself. ( of course if you do use Lethal Force, you will have a lot of costs for lawyers and things...
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    How about the old cowboy guns

    the biggest draw back to any single action revolver is it is slow to reload compared to an magazine fed auto loader. However, a solid hit from a .45 colt will be very hard to beat when it comes to tisue damage and things. the weapons in question are efficent and deadly if you hit the target.
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    Fast draw competition with simulated ammo...against another person...

    if you are letting some one point a real weapon at you with real ammo in it, I would consider it a questionable situation to say the least.....I am not at all convinced you are not engaging in a situation that could turn lethal very easily.
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    Karateka Sound Off!

    Matsumura Saito Shorin Ryu and Shobayashi Shorin Ryu, 14 years strait training with out brakes, and on and off again before that .
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    Martial Arts: What Were They Designed For?

    what were martial arts designed for? simple, SURVIVAL IN A COMBAT SITUATION! now some claim some were for civilian and others military. I would say that all were for both! weather you are talking Okinawan Karate and as was traditionally taught at the same time Kobujitsu/Kobudo ( weapons), or...
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    Traditional grappling arts and Law Enforcement

    like with military, many will do the minimum they can get away with physically and will not train in any art. But, some will go that extra mile. I would say that judo, aikido and jujitsu are of great use if they train in it diligently. Striking arts are not as good a choice as they are looking...