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    FCS Kali Ground Clip

    Quick clip of some of the ground work of FCS Kali! This was filmed at the last Gathering. Enjoy Brad
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    Just Got My First Custom Bowie!!!

    Yo Guro, that bowie is super sick! Have fun- Brad %-}
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    FCS-Kali/Southeasern US Rank Achievements!

    Guro Harold, thanks for the kudos on the rank achievement. It was definitely a Gathering that will never be forgotten. For those who were not in attendance, on a quick note, Friday nights instruction was done by Tuhon Ray Dionaldo and demos were given by instructors on their latest material...
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    Personal Promotion Announcement

    Guro Harold, Congrats on your promotion to Lakan Guro!! It was an honor to be part of it all!! For those of you who don't know- Lakan Guro is the highest rank one can be awarded in Filipino Combat Systems. We are proud to have our lineage through you! On a side note, I was there Saturday...
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    FCS Family Gathering, Aug 29,30,31 Tampa, FL!!!

    We will be there as well! Can't wait, always a great time!! FCS of SC - Brad
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    PR: Tuhon Ray Dionaldo Announces New FCS-Kali Online Training Resource!!!

    Thanks for this Guro, very useful information!! I sigined up!! Brad
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    Congratulations to Dieter Knutel

    Datu Dieter, Congratulations from the Charleston Combat Group!! Thankyou for that tapi lesson, I'll never forget!! Brad :asian:
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    Hi guys

    Greetings! Happy Posting!! :-partyon:
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    Hanging out in Charleston, SC - July 26th, 2008

    Guro, looking forward to it!!! Hope you like seafood!! Charleston has the best!! It's going to be a good time!! Brad
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    Greensboro - FCS-Kali Seminar Highlights - Light Sparring!

    Hey- Those guys look familiar! SWEET!!! Brad :pirate:
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    SOG Fusion

    Not sure about the Fusion model? But, I carry and use my SOG Flash 2 everyday! This knife has defently passed the test! I'm a general contractor and put it through alot of abuse! I even purchased one for my Father I like it so much!! Don't forget, It does stand for Special Operations Group!
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    Tuhon Ray Dionaldo NC 2008 Regional Seminar!!!

    Guro Harold, Wow!! We had an excellent time at the seminar you hosted with Tuhon Ray!! I had positive feedback from everyone in attendance!! We can't wait till the next one!! Thanks to your devotion, FCS KALI will continue to evolve!! The future looks very bright! Charleston Combat is honored...
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    FMAT: Plastic or Aluminum?

    I make mine out of T-6 Aircraft Aluminum!! Brad
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    punio sumbrada

    I believe the term punyo sumbrada came from Manong John LaCoste! Although many Kali systems incorporate this six count flow! Brad
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    Senior Master "Bambit" Dulay's Website

    Thanks!!! Brad