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    Changes at the Cebu West Martial Arts Club

    I would like to let everyone know that there will be some changes at the Cebu West Martial Arts Club. After eight years as founder and head instructor of the club, I will be moving out of the Philadelphia area to the Northeastern part of Massachusetts. I am relocating there this month and I will...
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    Modern Arnis Seminar in Philly

    I just heard from two different groups that I have recently worked with and they are comming over on Saturday. It looks to be a good mix of styles and skill levels. Should be a good time.
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    Modern Arnis Seminar in Philly

    Over the past several years the term Tapi-Tapi has been over-used and miss-used. This seminar will focus on the use of Tapi-Tapi as a tool for training your body to adjust to the changing conditions that arise while fighting. It will give you a pattern for building your own drills and allow you...
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    Modern Arnis Seminar in Philly

    March 15th Training Workshop at the Folsom Fire Co. hall in Folsom,PA Punong Guro Sal Todaro will conduct a Modern Arnis training session on counter tapi-tapi that will cover right and left hand techniques. For more information contact Sal Todaro at 610-306-9308, or
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    Modern Arnis Knife Defense Promo!

    There is no question that this is an attributes drill, so give the guy a break. At least he's putting himself out there on the line. Sal
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    Remembering The Professor...

    . :asian:
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    2007 NY MartialTalk Meet & Greet

    Sorry I missed this one. I'll be in Buffalo this weekend for the WMAA Instructor Camp, so doing two weekends in a row was difficult. With next years meet and greet set for July, I plan to make that one. Three days makes it a sweet deal. I will also be available to teach. I am looking foreword to...
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    2007 WMAA Buffalo Camp - June 8th

    What a great camp. I would like to thank Datu Tim and Guro Janice for all their hard work. I spent lots of time with old friends and made a few new ones.The training was excellent with a good mix of FMA techniques from the Presas systems of arnis. There was a black belt test that spanned the...
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    Rattan vs. Hardwood vs. Wax Wood vs. Etc. (Escrima Sticks)

    RATTAN - It's traditional, absorbs the shock and I just love the smell of it when you get rockin. Hardwood is durable but destroys rattan, so your training partners will not be happy. It's great for building hand speed while training solo. In a real fight, Absolutely. Waxwood - sorry, but...
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    Modern Arnis...a dead art?

    posted by Palusut . I know what you mean. Lots of nasty people there filled with hate and jealousy. They're not Modern Arnis anymore and I think the MA community is much better off without them. Sal
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    who asks for information

    When the head of a school from another art form asks for information on FMA it's usually to give their upper belts something new so they keep interested in training. We also have something they all want, weapons. Sal
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    Filipino Martial Arts Digest!

    This is a good issue. It's larger than some of the others and covers several masters and organizations. Congratulations to my friend Roger Agbulos for being featured in this issue. If you ever have the opportunity to train with Roger you shouldn't miss it. He is an excellent teacher and his...
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    Modern Arnis and Balintawak Seminar in Philadelphia

    There will be a special training session on Friday evening the 23rd. It will be advanced Balintawak material. If anyone is interested in this extra training call me for more info and rate. Sal
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    Abanico Corto Techniques

    When Professor demonstrated Abanico Corto to me it was always in reference to the sword and once you made you initial block and strike everything else was a cut. Block a #1 strike with a #1 strike, roll your punyo off opponent's weapon to the outside (without disengaging) and strike with an...
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    Modern Arnis and Balintawak Seminar in Philadelphia

    The WMAA will be conducting a Modern Arnis and Balintawak seminar in the Philadelphia area on Saturday, March 24th, 2007. For more information go to Sal