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    Mayors Ed Parker Kenpo Karate Ring?

    This just happened to me again, today, April 10, 2018. It was shocking. And unnerving. So I had to reply to this comment I made 6 yrs ago...
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    Practicing Both Sides

    YEARS ago I know I was in many... discussions on the merits of practicing techniques ion both sides in Ed Parker's Kenpo. I can't find an old thread now to throw this gasoline on so I'll just paste here what I posted to Facebook just now and maybe in 10 years I'll come back and look and see...
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    Mayors Ed Parker Kenpo Karate Ring?

    ROFLMAO! I find it disturbing when I do a search on Google and it hits a post of mine from MartialTalk that I had forgotten about. I just did a search for something and my first post in this thread showed up! Thanks again Mr. C. for posting the pix. I don't remember reading your last post. Why...
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    Mr. Trejo in Oklahoma Feb 27, 2010

    My apologies but we have to cancel Mr. Trejo's seminar. We hope 24 days notice helps everyone make alternate plans and spares everyone some inconvenience. Please accept my sincere apologies and thank you all for your interest.
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    Mr. Trejo in Oklahoma Feb 27, 2010

    Still working on posting a flier but just spoke to Mr. Trejo to clarify and I have confirmed that this is a "Working Seminar," he will not be a "Talking Head." And he said to go update the forum posts I put out to remind everyone "Bring your cup!" So be prepared to work and let me know if you...
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    Mr. Trejo in Oklahoma Feb 27, 2010

    Saturday February 27, 2010. ELITE TRAINERS 21477 N. Western Ave Edmond, OK 73012 Mr. Trejo will be coming to Edmond, Oklahoma just North of Oklahoma City if you are interested and can attend, please RSVP to I am in charge of promoting this Seminar and getting Mr. Trejo...
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    IKKA Merchandise

    Contact Mr. Dennis Conatser at the IKKO, he is GoldenDragon on here I think. He has everything I think but I can't say if he would sell or give any of it away. But he may also know where else to find it. Good luck.
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    And why you need to know the laws of self defense

    I just found this thread and I haven't read all the links... but I live in Texas and I'm a Pre-Paid Legal member and an Independent Associate as some of you may know. Contact me directly if you want to look at my services. But... I had a guy come into my driveway, steaming mad, interrupt me...
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    Mr. Bishop, I just noticed you were the last visitor to my profile page I think. Can I call you...

    Mr. Bishop, I just noticed you were the last visitor to my profile page I think. Can I call you sometime to discuss my business and how I might get to work with you in it or why you might like our services? I'd also like to ask you a bit about Kajukenbo. I think Dan Baker is around here...
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    Legal question regarding self defense

    WOW. I just updated a post of mine on this thread and I SOOO wanted to say that Mr. Billings is a client but I never do that without advance permission. Mr. Billings gets a free lunch at his convenience, let me know when and where, sir. But the law has changed since this post was written and...
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    Legal question regarding self defense

    That is so funny! I've said that before. Too many Kung-Fu movies I guess... I think now I tend to think the other way. I don't want to mess with 10 guys twice (or once for that matter).
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    Legal question regarding self defense

    This is sort of a bump, with corrections. But I want to add that I have been threatened on my own property and I hesitated to destroy the guy harassing me because he was bigger and presumably stronger than me and I was going to maim him and break stuff if it came to blows. I did not want to...
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    SL4 Seminar at the Arnold Classic

    SL3?? Is there a thread on this? I'll go check. Cool to hear Doc taught SL4 at the Arnold Classic.
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    How high can instructors promote their students?

    Well put, your instructor is tested by virtue of the quality of the students he puts up.
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    Passing of Sijo

    Even I heard this on 4/10/09. My condolences to the Kajukenbo community as well. I believe I will seek out some Kajukenbo training this year to get a better idea of the system. Carry on and God bless you all.