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  • Hey Carol :) I am all fine after hibernation. I hope things are well for you??? Speak soon maybe, Jenna :)
    Hey Carol :) I have not spoken with you in ages and ages. And ages :) I have missed you. I hope you are well my friend :) Jenna
    Tis quite alright mate. :) Thank YOU for the kind, supportive words. Made me smile, a rarity these days. ;)
    Why thank you Carol
    I'm glad you enjoyed my translation work.

    Let me know if there's ever anything you might need translated, see what we can do.
    Thanks Carol, I know what you mean about the passport thing. We need to have them before June 09 to travel across by land. Yes, Buffalo and Niagara Falls can be a lot of fun.
    Hi Carol! Thanks for the request. I'm terrible about sending these things out. lol I am soooo glad to have you back here. :)

    Get that degree! I see you are in computers. I'm an MVS/CICS/JES/DB2/VSAM/OPCF/ISPF/and other nighmares mainframer that is also an ASP.NET/SQL geek. Been doing this stuff close to 30 years!

    Get that degree and keep your martial arts skills up(including shooting) cause we are heading for some interesting times!
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