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    Kensei or "Sword Saint"s

    Kensei or "Sword Saint"s 剣聖 In the Japan which valued swordsmanship, one of truly exceptional skill was oft honored with the title of "Kensei" or "Sword Saint". This implied not only a high degree of skill in the sword art, but also one of a high degree in moral perfection as...
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    yang Tai chi sword 16???

    This is why one needs an experienced instructor, who can give immediate feedback. Some will insist that your symptoms are the result of improper training. This one would agree. Training, especially training involving swords and qi, should be done under experienced guidance, or not at all. To do...
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    Buffalo Fraud Resurfaces ... Tibetan this time

    You may ask "Do you mean not to expose fraud to the light of truth"? No. Like mold and fungus, fraud can not thrive under bright light and purity. Be careful however, lest your desire for right, leave you tarnished. You will understand this. The fraud and the blind however, will not.
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    Buffalo Fraud Resurfaces ... Tibetan this time

    Truth as well as understanding is often a three edge sword. Phyical strength is fleeting. Those of strong character will eventually find their way to the light of truth. those who lack it receive their just reward. The thief takes that which he does not have and lacks the means by which to...
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    Meditation in Motion

    My address, was to the original comments. My meditation is my Tij穩qu獺n. My meditation is my sword. They are one, they are not. It depends. Regarding your second question in the message prior to this: Tij穩qu獺n is not a weekend art. Nor is it a 5 year art. It is a life long art. You...
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    Meditation in Motion

    There is a difference between a free mind, and a drifting mind. My words were chosen carefully. I did not advocate day dreaming nor random drifting nor 'New Age' notions. Please reread them, and what is below. There is nothing 'fantasy' about it, nor is it 'new age'. You do not understand...
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    Meditation in Motion

    When the student is learning, concentration exists while he learns the movements. Once the movements are a part of you, you can lose yourself to their pleasure, truly feeling them and allow them to guide you. This frees the mind to go where it will. This is moving meditation. If...
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    A meditative exercise

    33 Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich. If you stay in the center and embrace death with your whole heart, you will endure forever...
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    MartialTalk Announces Major Expansion Project

    It has been good to see the continued success and operation of this site.
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    A simple chi exercise.

    Sit quietly, your back straight, hands resting relaxed on your knees, palms up. close your eyes breath gently, but deeply with your abdomen, not your chest. visualize water, gently pouring down the front of your body gather it by your navel softly nudge it towards your feet suggest...
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    Sword Arts Talk now Live!

    Domo :asian:
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    A Zen master said to a monk

    When is a cup not a cup but instead something else?
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    Buffalo Fraud Resurfaces ... Tibetan this time

    Those without skill or truth, fabricate and proclaim, their voice speaking loudly. Those with skill and truth, allow them to speak for themselves. The path to enlightenment often involves wandering through the darkness. It is good to find light.
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    What should be The Warrior Diet?

    In ancient days, warriors ate simple food, for that is all they had. If you are seeking to improve your health, a balanced diet, a calm mind and proper exercise will take you far. If one wishes to look at ancient diets for athletic health, look to the diets of the first olympians, whose diet of...
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    Why is Zen not emphasized in most dojos?

    Some say that of any mystical faith. Zen is not faith but understanding and thought, brought on by thoughtfulness, and non-thought. Understanding is only possible when the mind is clear. What arts truly today promote a clean mind and the action of no actionthought?