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    A man and his mountain...x100

    Does he get a " I climbed Mt. Washington" bumper sticker wired to his rear end while he is taking a break at the summit? Cool place. I marvel at the giant chains that they have holding down the weather station. I have to give the guy some credit for doing on foot what I always did with my car.
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    Strong man and martial arts

    I feel that strength training can be very beneficial to a MAist. However, it is important to maintain your flexibility as you gain muscle. Keep in mind it takes years of training to get to freakish sizes so adding powerlifting to your routine is not going to turn you into Arnold overnight...
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    What You Can/Can't Do.

    I had my own run in with the justice system many years ago. I was at a State Park with 4 friends who were on leave from the Navy. Needless to say we had quite a few beers with us at the barbeque that helped fuel the incident. There was another group close by of about 20 people, one of whom...
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    Sober martial arts enthusiast

    Sober 13 months and counting. Still being kept out of training by one health problem after another. I think I'm going to have to go soft style from here out just not sure if I have the patience for it. My mind keeps writing checks that my body can't cash.
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    Neck conditioning

    We used to do some exercises for Football. They had a harness that fit over your head with a strap that had a hook to put a iron plate on so you could do weighted neck extensions. Haven't seen one in almost 30 yrs. though. Also, we did 2 man drills where you would forward, back and to the...
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    Need help with Diet

    do you mix up your workout routines? If not every few weeks try something different to shake up the body and get past the plateau. Work the same muscle groups but just use a different exercise to do it. Also 1800 calories is fairly low for a man your size. Is your strength good or are you...
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    hapkido mixed?

    my first exposure to martial arts was a combination of HKD and TKD and they seemed to work very well together. good luck on your journey!
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    Silva vs. Liddell!!

    Bad matchup for Chuck, good for Silva. Silva seems to only have trouble with ground specialists. get Leutter in shape and he would really cause him trouble. seems like Dana is keeping jiu jitsu guys away from him to protect his "best pound for pound fighter" I respect Silva alot but he does...
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    Chris Leben fails drug test,suspended for 9 months

    This kid just keeps finding new ways to screw up his life. I want to route for the guy after all the things he has been through but, honestly, he brings most of this stuff on himself. There is NO excuse for doing roids these days. You are going to get caught.
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    American raid in Syria

    Just think of this in a different way. Someone, say Canada or Mexico or Cuba sends a missle strike or a helicopter raid in the US without warning saying afterwards it was targeting drug lords or what have you.(unlikely but just try to imagine it) How would you think the American public respond...
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    Injured & frustrated

    Sorry to hear about your troubles Iceman. I can definitely relate. I have been having abdominal pain for 4 months and they still have no idea what is going on. I've had x-rays, ultrasounds, ct's, numerous blood tests, an Upper GI and next is a Endoscopic Ultrasound. After thousands of...
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    Need some help...

    deep breathing and meditation helps but it is difficult when you have to keep your mouth wide open. I had one painful procedure where I was meditating but the nurse kept shaking my arm thinking I was in trouble so it really didn't work. good luck.
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    Kimbo fight being investigated as a 'fix'

    the real funny thing was that the promoter- I don't recall his name maybe Lappen???- reportedly rushed the cage screaming about Slice being hit with an illegal blow. A 14 second loss was not in their game plan for the "man who will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime" (unless he is handpicked)...
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    Celebrity Black Belts

    If I remember right I believe Ed used to play pro football (offensive line ?) If so then he used to be an elite athelete and its not so hard to believe. Also the Gracie's don't tend to give belts away without years of hard work. Kind of gives the rest of us Al Bundy types a little hope.:ultracool
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    A cure found for cancer... that no one will ever get.

    I recently had an uncle who was diagnosed with cancer. During the FIRST treatment of chemo he went into cardiac arrest and was dead in less than an hour. It was throat cancer and they put him on a chemo drip that he reacted to within seconds. In his case the treatment was far worse than the...