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    What do you tell people

    Jujutsu. Or just 'traditional Japanese martial arts'. I avoid the 'nin' association altogether. Too much questions and remarks from idiots.
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    Do higher paying students always default?

    The only option we have is 1 or 2 times per week training. Any serious student trains 2 times but we have one or two who train only once per week. Hence they pay less. I burned out on training once, when I was in college finishing my degree. The mistake I made was to train more and more...
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    On Arnold and real men.

    Like Newt Gingrich you mean? Yeah I agree. He's a shining example of morally upstanding conservative behavior. Getting a blowjob makes you a sexual predator?
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    Why is America the 'no-vacation nation'?

    You're cherry picking. Most western European countries have a lot of paid holidays. You're just picking the ones who are in trouble to make a false point, ignoring the ones who are not in trouble yet still have the same holiday system. Most of the countries you mentiond were tipped over by...
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    Gingrich Campaign over before it started?

    Yeah anything happening now is inconsequential as long as nothing earthmoving happens. The killing of OBL has the potential of having a lingering effect. Anything else will be long forgotten by the time the frenzy starts. That is why now we only have the fringe people clamoring for attention...
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    Why the number 9?

    The fact that the Buj has 9 schools is purely coincidental, as those were simply the schools that Takamatsu sensei was soke of by the time he passed on his ryuha to Hatsumi sensei.
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    Now this is a LEO's worst nightmare

    Then again, with the bomb you're dealing with the after effects, which poses less personal risk than having to deal with someone who is deranged.
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    Ninja Forum FAQ:

    Koga Ryu Wada-ha died with Fujita Seiko. He did have a school and he did pass on several arts for which he was soke (3 IIRC) but not his Koga Ryu lineage. At least not according to the biography written by Philip T Hevener. And having read the biography, I have to say the ending of that...
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    Masaaki Hatsumi

    A minor point here, and without being judgemental: how long does it take to get the Bujinkan BB in Japan? I've heard figures of 1 - 2 years being realistic. If this is true then it doesn't really make sense to run through 10 kyu levels in that time. It would mean 1 exam ever month and a half...
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    Your students or not?

    They should. And they do. But if you want to say 'XYZ' is my sensei (or whatever the appropriate name is in Korean), then that should be the person you train with. The student - teacher relationship implies that the student acknowledges the superiority of the teacher in that art (otherwise he...
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    Ct Prison Hiring Biased?

    I guess it depends on what the test is supposed to achieve. If it is to insure a general level of fitness, then I can see different requirements for men and women, simply because their bodies are different, and 'healthy fit' means different things in both cases. If it is to insure that any...
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    Koryo Gumdo

    The moment I see someone 'twirl' his sword / bokken and make those fancy swirling motions, he goes to the 'poser' bin. Oh and I agree on the dubiousness of newly created sword systems.
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    Man wearing bra & panties stabs goat

    Possibly. I don't know. I've never had livestock (dead or alive) in my bedroom. I'll defer to your expertise in this matter. :D
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    Would you recommend Budo Taijutsu?

    I don't mind the off topic, but some punctuation and using paragraphs would be nice and make your posts more readable. Noone enjoys large blobs of continuous text.
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    My basic problem with YOU.

    A local girl (college student, fairly hot) auctioned off her virginity via a high class escort bureau. Earned her 50KEuro. She wasn't particularly attached to it, and figured she might as well use it to put her through college. When I was that age I wanted to give it away for fee but found no...