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  • i agree , i see kids that are trying there hardest and improvement is starting for them and then i see kids that just want a black belt without doing any real work to get it, like doing their forms and other requirements sloppy in a lazy manner or choosing to get in the ring and not spar to what there ability really is. Then the attitude that these type of kids have when they reached a high rank is gross they look down on lower ranked kids and get jealous fast when they they lose in sparring to a student that has been training their heart out to get better or hear that someone has won in a tournament and they know that they never given any thought to competing. Gaining rank too fast to me seems to be an issue, its not a race i wish students would pace themselves more, so that they will have more time for improvement instead of belt hopping.
    They're kids, learning, they're not perfect at least they are in a Dojo, not on the streets. Some are slower in learning, others faster learning, give them a chance and the rewards are many.
    the tournament i think is a qualifier for the usat nationals in California,yeah my coach told me how tough the training was int the like the 70's and 80's compared to now. I've only been in taekwondo for about a two years,I'm only 14 i don't really care for politics but yeah when thing get too political things get messy. i just like the feeling of competing.
    how long have you been in the arts?
    I think the "softness" of the students is commonplace among all dojangs these days. Kids are just softer these days than they were 10-20 years ago.. . No I didn't hear anything about the tourny. Grandmaster Kang's schools haven't participated in OMAC events for years, not sure why (if you've been around the arts for any length of time, you know how political everything gets). We used to compete at all the traditional tournys around, and now we hardly support any which is too bad in my opinion. I always liked the comrodary.
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