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    Techniques for Learning to Balance When Doing Roundhouse Kicks?

    Hi guys, I just started learning muay thai a couple months ago and my kicks are still very weak. I also have a hard time maintaining balance after doing the kick and going back to stance. Do you guys have any technique on how to balance on the pivoting leg?
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    Mat Suggestion for Home Gym - Concrete Floor

    Sorry guys i meant i have cement floor, not concrete. Forum will not let me edit my post
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    Mat Suggestion for Home Gym - Concrete Floor

    Hi guys, looking to set up a mini home gym in my backyard which has concrete floor and would like suggestions on where and what type of mats to buy. I was thinking about those kiddy tile mats from Toys'R'Us but i don't think they soak up water. I'm really just looking for one that will not burn...
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    Freestanding Bag for Muay Thai Training

    Thanks, yeah heavy bags definitely work better. I think i'm gonna have to go with heavy bags
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    Freestanding Bag for Muay Thai Training

    Hey guys, i was just wondering if any of you who train in Muay Thai have a freestanding bag that you use at home, such as the one in the picture below, and how effective it is in practicing your kicks and punches, as well as clinches and knee strikes especially...
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    Mastering Opposite Leg Kick & Getting Powerful Punches

    Hi guys, i'm a beginner Muay Thai student (started 3 weeks ago) and am fairly skinny, standing at 5.8" and 140 lbs. I'm a right handed and have 2 concerns I'd like to address here: 1.) My jab, cross, and hook are fairly weak. We were working on a combo (jab, cross, hook, cross) on the heavy...