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    Thank you very much for the honor to be inducted with such great company. It was a great evening.
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    Benny "The Jet" Urquidez seminar for Frank Trejo

    The support for Frank Trejo has been fantastic. January 11th at Mark Arnott's Kenpo Karate will be a great event with Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate "Dream Team" doing a day of seminars. One of my long time friends and students Joaquin Sahagun and his son Philip Sahagun will host a seminar...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    I will be doing this seminar in Boston next weekend and I will be handing out Certificates of Completion after the class. This will be at the IKC's promoted by Doreen DiRienzo August 2nd-4th.
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    Sponsor: Bob Whites new DVD is now available!

    The newest DVD we have is "The Elements of Effective Coaching". Here is a preview More information can be obtained on our website at
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    Kenpo Golfers?

    The tournament was a great success. This was our first year and we raised $10,000 for Royal Family Kids. I am very proud of our school and the new leaders that have developed. Servant Leaders are what we want to have at our school and it's great to see this tradition continue.
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    Kenpo Golfers?

    With our continuing efforts to raise funds for the Royal Family Kids we are hosting our 1st Annual Golf Tournament We are getting tremendous support from our sponsors for annual karate tournament and this will be a very enjoyable day. I hope to see some of our...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    These are a couple of the many positive responses from the DVD. I appreciate you all taking the time to give me your thoughts; Hello Mr White, I received the DVD and International Journey the other day, so thank you for that. After viewing your DVD, I must say that it is one of the...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    The price of the DVD Elements of Effective Coaching will remain $30 until the end of May. At that point the DVD will be the same as out Purpose Driven Journey to Success DVD which sells for $50. This gives people that are serious about improving their coaching skills the opportunity to invest...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    A gentleman wrote last week wanting to get some help in keeping his school open. That is one of the main reasons why I made this DVD. It is not about promotion in getting new students, it is about keeping the ones you have. A sustainable base of students that you build your school on. The...
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    Jeff Speakman Medical Fund Seminars

    Yesterday Antranig Anto Parseghian hosted an event for Jeff Speakman's Medical Fund. Paul Dye, Tommie Chavies, Dan Pribble, Benny Urquidez, Ron Sanchez, and myself had the honor to help raise funds for a kenpo leader and friend. It was a very successful day with much support from around...
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    The DVD's are completed and we are shipping out the orders. Thanks to all who have ordered and I hope you find value.
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    I will look at the finished DVD today and I will start shipping out as soon as they are printed. I truly appreciate the many orders I have received and look forward to feedback after viewing.
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    Bob White Seminar on Effective Coaching

    Thanks Chris. I start the editing tomorrow morning. We just received the last clip from Master Ken to use in the DVD. With Dennis Conatser doing the Ed Parker stories, Enter the Dojo, plus the contents of the seminar it should make for a good instructors tool. I believe it has some valuable...
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    Who will impact EPAK the most in the next 10 years?

    I agree with Doc but I also believe it is our responsibility to continue to serve our art. Ultimately the only thing we really control is ourselves but there is no doubt that as an instructor there is a strong influence presented. The responsibility is to try and present something of value.