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    Just so you know- I have "Louie- Louie" stuck in my head...

    Just so you know- I have "Louie- Louie" stuck in my head...
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    Thinking about writing a book...

    Exactly! Personally, I think it would be a great help, and now I've thought on it more, I'd buy it. Just as long as you include your sources and how you came to your conclusions on certain things, it's good.
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    Away I go... again

    Good luck!
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    This or That

    Trike as a pedal- foot- powered bike, or trike as a motorcycle? Hmm... I rode the human powered trike a month ago. Nice! I'd take that over the average 2- wheeled bike. Of course, if you mean motorcylce with 3- wheels, I'd take a motorcycle any day! Turkey or ham?
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    This or That

    Hmmm... Quiche! Tea or coffee?
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    This or That

    Growl. French fries or tater tots?
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    Tae Kwon Do No More

    Best wishes, Matt. It is true- you can take the person out of TKD, but can't take TKD out of the person. Sometimes, it's just time to move on.
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    Hard decision to make

    Like it has been said before. I'd stick with TKD. However, you have a lot of options... You (or someone else for the holidays) can invest in free weights, and build on from there. You're in college- chances are they have their own gym. If it isn't free, it's discounted, and also- you...
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    Stand By Me -- Around the World

    Another one of my favorite songs!! Thanks for sharing that great video. Put a smile on my face...
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    Vending Machine

    You receive one stress free work week! Inserts coin...
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    Baby P

    I'm not into karma, but am a firm believer in "what goes around, comes around". Breaks your heart to read such horrible things, and like Carol said, if I typed what I had been thinking...
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    Thinking about writing a book...

    It wouldn't hurt anything to go ahead. Rank and affiliation really wouldn't matter too much- had an instructor that published a book on the art he taught, and not affiliated with anyone than about a handful of dojangs. Would I buy it? Depends on if it grabs my interest. Definitely would...
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    So, last night....

    I couldn't agree with this statement more... And yes! There's nothing like kicking a bag (or person in gear) around. Great stress reliever!
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    Spookey is BACK...long time

    Welcome back!
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    Congratulations Danny!

    Way to go Danny!! (and dad)