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    Craziest thing to date - MA training

    This thread was a reminder to go in and get the ring that was cut off repaired. While we were doing the sizing of the rings she said "your fingers have really changed size." 25 years and 20 pounds will do that....
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    Craziest thing to date - MA training

    Currently not wearing a wedding band as we had to cut it off after getting whacked pretty hard in sparring with a stick, I knew better but just forgot that day.
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    For those of you who want to learn how to fight outside of sport:

    I think half of the difference is the habits of the marketplace, martial artists are used to relatively low prices, I swear that a weekend martial arts seminar has barely changed price in 20 years. "Gun guys" are used to paying a lot more for a weekend of training and so don't really blink when...
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    How to avoid getting punch when throwing a fist?

    The post was from 2009, at this point this guy either quit due to concussions 13 years ago or is now a coach with three fighters fighting in Lumpinee this weekend. :D
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    Combative systems, that offer remote training content, which focus on weapons-based grappling?

    Is there a dedicated video to it? I don't remember there being one that really focused instruction on it. More like material spread out over several videos rather than one. Admittedly I don't think I have ever seen anything from DBs where I thought "well that is crap," but there has been...
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    Combative systems, that offer remote training content, which focus on weapons-based grappling?

    I just went back and looked at it, not much on the ground. Basically just showing how to control the knife from guard and then recover to an inside two on one position. For the rest of the positions he basically says you need more grappling expeirence to pull position improvement off while...
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    Combative systems, that offer remote training content, which focus on weapons-based grappling?

    I don't know what tracing is. Almost all knife defense comes down to grappling so that happens all the time, though figuring out how to strike while defending is huge. This is a very good product, I have been very impressed with it...
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    Kenpo (American - see also Kajukenbo)

    I.... I was was on this forum when this thread originated. :D
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    Knee down in front of a stranger

    It sounds like some cultural baggage is limiting your opportunity for techniques.
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    Creating a very light weight, collapsible baton - feedback needed

    How light a stick are you looking for and how long? As a point of comparison a "typical" for lack of better work escrima stick runs about 8 ounces/230 grams.
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    Schools in the Tacoma-Seatttle, WA Area?

    Uh, the last post on this thread was from 12 years ago, unfortunately I think he has found someone by now.
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    looking for the name of a weapon

    There were warhammers that looked like a fist holding a dagger or spike. This is a replica of a historical weapon. Fisted War Hammer
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    Forearm guards If you want a heavier duty version then the HEMA community has created essentially the same thing but using plastic inserts.
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    Systema and Sambo in the United States

    Why are there more point karate fighting schools than Kyokushin? Sambo is tough. There used to be a group in Seattle run by Aaron Fields, Seatown Grappling I think, that was sambo based.
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    a base martial art

    There are several branches of Kenpo that did and still do use Chinese titles, if in the Parker tree they usually derive from the "Chinese kenpo" phase where they were adopting many of the Chinese forms. Similarly in the Chuan-fa and Tum Pai branches of Kajukenbo.