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  • Nice one.

    I considered Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me", nut really that song would serve the purpose with the lyrics as they are, wouldn't it.
    Hi Bill. I have seen that we do not agree, but I have no ill will toward you. Please do not take my assertion of my opinion as though I dislike you. Just don't agree sometimes. From my heart I am sorry that this topic is close to your hearts & families wounds. PEACE. JIMI
    Hello Bill,

    Sorry for not "stopping by" sooner. I just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your friends list. Also, I believe that you said something about being stationed at Camp Foster before? I was not in the Marines myself, but served in the Air Force (quite awhile ago). After finishing up my service, my family and I moved back to Okinawa. For awhile, I ran the International Student Branch Dojo out of the old Gunners Gym. Had to give it up due to the difficulty of keeping regular students.
    Not to me...and please don't apologize I'm just being a smart-alec. ;) I've been enjoying reading your posts, whether I agree or not...and I'm finding that I often do. :asian:
    Gee...its a shame you're so reserved and withdrawn with your opinions :rofl: :asian:
    Oh, God-I'm almost never "angry." I just have my own way of viewing things-given my background, I'm tempted to say that I have a certain logical way of looking at things, and if you don't agree with them, there's something wrong with your thinking processes, but I'm not quite that egotistical....:lfao:

    ....close, though...:lol:
    I understand where you're coming from, but my other friend Aaron (elder999) and you both have the same way of presenting your sides over internet, and I think this may be why it seems to be confrontational even though I doubt either of you is actually angry.
    Oh, and about the 'meaning not always clear in text' part. I know, I know. I have to work on that. I try to remember to toss in smileys and stuff. People tell me that I come off terribly bombastic and authoritative and 'my way or the highway'. I don't mean to sound like that, really. I speak clearly, and that can be 'confrontational' sounding. Please let me know if I cross the line.
    No, we're cool. I just tend to advocate for the gambler's way - take the best odds, don't let the house set the stakes, and cheat whenever possible. The best hand is the one you get up from the table after laying.
    Well the thing to always remember about text-only mediums is the person's true meaning isn't always present where in face to face conversations the tone of voice and facial expressions and ability to talk before "posting" make clear.
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