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    Disabled Students seeking recomendations.

    Thank you Danny T. not only for your post, but working with the disabled. My team said no exercise for 8 weeks after LVAD implant and no martial arts. One other problem is that I had 4 major surgeries in the last 4 months and 5 days. My last one they had to take some of my stomach muscles and...
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    Disabled Students seeking recomendations.

    Thank you all. I'm trying to incorporate a little Karate Katas and Jujitsu wrist locks and so on. I will try and do this on my own. But as we used to say in Jujitsu "that it is like sex, you can do it by your self but its more fun with a partner". Just do not have strength to do to much. What...
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    Disabled Students seeking recomendations.

    Hello all, not sure if this is the proper place to put this. I have a question for any one in the Buffalo New York area, do you know of any schools that teach disabled people? I loved the martial arts but now I can't do what I loved. I'm limited to what I can do, can't take punches, falls...
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    Greetings from Northern Virginia !

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    Best Scientific Martial Art books ?

    In my jujitsu days Feldenkrais was every where. All the PT and OT I have ever asked were fimiliar with him and his theories. He is well worth reading and his technique are worth doing. Others that followed him have improved his systems. But he was ahead of his time...
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    Ayone ever hear of the "Bulgarian Bag"?

    I know a couple of guys that use it and they love it. But it seems they are expensive. The people I know make their own out of innertubes. They go to a tractor store and buy the material. I beleive there is a youtube video that shows how to make one and use one. I would check but I'm having...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello and welcome to the board.
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    has your M.A. ever not work in a S.D. situation ?

    My best self defense was best when I was drunk.
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    What fiction book are you currently reading?

    I'm starting Countdown by Jonathan Maberry. I like the way it starts out; I didn't plan to kill anyone. I wasn't totaly against the idea, either. This was a free download for Kindle. Love my Kindle and free book's.
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    Hello!!! new to MT!!

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    Hello from State College, PA

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    Welcome Justin.
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    Hello from Rhode Island

    Hello and Welcome.
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    I was promoted to Ikkyu last night

    Congratulations on your hard work, determination, continuing along your journey, after your injuries.
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    Palin or Hillary

    Well I'm not positive but I think I saw her in her kitchen cooking, doing dishes but maybe it was a news hoax.