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    FMA in DC...

    Greetings one and all!! I have a question: One of my students is leaving the UK to go work for a year in Washington DC. He has only been with me for a few months and he becomming quite a convert to the FMA (we get them all eventually%-} ) Since there are no Rapid Arnis clubs in the...
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    Super Supreme 10th Degree Grandmaster Soke

    I got a BB in RON MAR DO..... he even gave me an official pair of black socks to wear just in case my belt got too dirty to wear in class :karate:
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    And How OLD Do YOU Feel Today??

    I was signing for a package from a ups guy with one of those digital signer thingys. I said to him " I give it 2 generations and kids will be asking 'daddy,whats a pencil'?". He replied "last week,I had to show my kids what a record was and had to explain that it was an ancient plastic cd". we...
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    Stick Fighting Rules

    Please forgive me if I am wrong on this, But as far as I know,"continuous" is a timed round of say,1-2 minutes,give it all you got for each round and the points are tallied at the end of the fight. No "stop and reset".
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    This guy is amazing!!

    On the juggling side.... if anyone knows of a place I can find footage of Michael Moschen, I would be greatful! And yes.... I have searched the net like crazy! And for those of you who don't know him; he was the stand-in hand for David Bowie in the movie Laberynth. Remember the crystal...
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    Reincarnation Game

    These aren't really fare for people like me cause we will answer different everytime,depending on our moods. But for now... A Zebra.
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    Caspar Weinberger, 88.

    Lord.... I remember having to do a butt load of push ups because of Mr.Weinberger when I couldn't place his name in the "chain of command" from my DI's back in 86'! What fun little games the drill sarns could come up with at the drop of a hat.... R.I.P Mr Weinberger
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    Don Knotts.....R.I.P., Barney....

    I remember my mom telling me when I was a kid,we passed through the home town of andy griffith in north carolina; which is where mayberry was based and not far from pilot mountain(mount pilot in the show). Apperantly, I threw a pouting fit when I couldn't find the sherrifs office to meet deputy...
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    Have you ever - KNIFE

    I'm gonna add one that goes under my "god hates me file"... MANY moons ago there was a big ole nasty fight in a pool hall on court street in j'vile N.C, one of those liitle soiree's when you combine marines,rednecks, alcohol and pool balls. There was a PILE o people just pitching cue balls and...
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    Calling all the Men...Why did you start Martial Arts??

    first movie I ever saw was called "kung fu Gold" with Bruce Li. I thought to myself... "how cool is it to be able to beat up 300 people and not get one stain on your gold satin clothes"! I was 6.
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    Al Lewis (Grandpa Munster) 95

    aw maaann....... .
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    Whats the speciality / whats typical for your FMA-Style?

    Hooaa!! Nice one! I am using that!