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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    Okay. Thanks for documenting that what I said was correct.
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    My timeline is correct. GM Lee learned the forms from Gen. Choi. His handwritten notes are on display in the ATA museum. He taught the forms until 1983, when he started developing his own style (Songahm) and teaching the new forms.
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    Taekwondo. He learned the forms from Gen. Choi.
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    Chuck Norris and TKD

    I will disagree with that. His first instructor was the late GM Haeng Ung Lee, who founded the ATA. He has acknowledged that many times.
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    Martial Arts Pet Peeves

    My biggest peeve is people being promoted that shouldn't be. I'll judge at tournaments and see someone in a Black Belt ring do a form and I'll ask myself, "Why is this person still not a Yellow Belt?" My second is XMA. I think that speaks for itself.
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    Kicking with rechamber vs no rechamber

    I have never found anticipation of rechambering to be a factor. I guess that's because we train for heavy impact on the bags and when we do repeats, we stress that the second kick should be as powerful as the first. However, if the student knocks the bag over on the first, it makes the second...
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    Critique vs Criticism

    In our instructor training, we are taught to do it as praise-correct-praise. Find something positive to say about what they did. Show them one thing they can do to improve it. Praise them when they do that thing.
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    Looking for Peoples take on being avoided in class

    This is the millennial entitlement attitude. Your instructor needs to tell them to suck it up.
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    Need some martial arts research for a story I'm writing

    I started training in Taekwondo in 1966. Went to my first tournament in 1967. It was an open style and there were kids competing.
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    How much do you feel technique evaluations are subjective?

    Over the years, I have developed a basic guideline for judging technique: Would the technique have hurt the opponent? Was the student in balance when the technique was delivered? Would the technique have NOT hurt the student? If I can answer yes to all, then I can say the technique was good.
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    Words of wisdom....

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    The purpose of crescent kicks?

    This is a good description. If you jam your opponent, you can bring the crescent kick up and nail them in the head with it and they will never see it coming.
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    Situational Awareness

    I used to teach it by telling the students to play a game. Get a partner and go to the mall. Sit and watch the people. Point out to each other who potential victims were if you were going to mug someone. That simple act of observation grows and you find yourself watching everyone and...
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    Has anyone had this happen before?

    I used to get a couple of those scam letters a week. Me being somewhat of a jerk, I would respond to them. I would work up an outrageous quote. Quote the four kids with no family discount at the highest program rate, Shureido uniforms, private lessons were $140 for a half hour, $250 for a...
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    What Percentage of People Have Achieved the Rank of Shodan or Equivalent?

    This has stuck with me over the years. I heard it in a seminar easily 15+ years ago. The number was 10%. If you have a group of 1,000 people who start on the same day, at least half will be gone within six months because they find out it's hard work and they ain't gonna be a Ninja Turtle in...