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    Training 2 different styles

    I can do both pretty good
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    Learning MT at home

    MT basics can be learned at home,yes,as well as many other martial arts.MT takes time of course and the fundamentals are same as kickboxing,but if you wish to go competitive however, you are going to need a Muay Thai master's touch to improve your skills. But if you wish to know how to defend...
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    Training 2 different styles

    Thank you so much guys ! I really appreciate it :)
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    Training 2 different styles

    Greetings! A year ago i started off with Muay Thai up until May,then me and a couple of friends decided to start training Shotokan Karate and in doing so i stopped going to MT. Recently i started missing MT and wish to start training again,but i want to train Karate as well, and i'm thinking of...