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    What nonfiction book are you currently reading?

    Just finished Bob Woodward's "Fear", and starting "Lost in Math" by Sabine Hossenfelder.
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    What martial arts book are you currently reading?

    I bought Matthew Polly's new Bruce Lee biography, but haven't started it yet--soon!
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    Last Person #5

    Pretty well, but very busy! Yourself?
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    Last Person #5

    Back from WNY where I got to have some decent pizza.
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    Jack Reacher books

    I read the first 5 earlier this year. Good descriptions of the close-quarters combat and overall decent writing, but I found the villains to always be the same caricatures--grossly overweight, cruelly evil for evil's sake, etc.--and the coincidences involved just too much to bear. Lots I liked...
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    want to learn FMA in the Buffalo, NY area

    He's in West Seneca...I'm one of his students and from the area, though I no longer live there. Can you narrow down what part of WNY you're looking in?
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    American Kenpo not a complete art?

    That's an odd criticism! A given instructor (or student) may want to provide (or receive) that from their martial arts experience, but 'complete' usually refers to whether the art provides a range of solutions for a broad range of potential self-defense situations.
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    The Presas Brothers vs Dan Inosanto

    Remy Presas is certainly the person who made the FMAs a "thing" here. Dan Inosanto has done a great deal too, obviously, including helping to prime the way via abetting eskima-style techniques appearing in Bruce Lee films and hence insuring an appetite for the system here in the States; but Remy...
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    Last Person #5

    Last day of classes for the quarter! We plan on checking it out. Was that a positive review?
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    Evidenced based SD knife evaluation

    Interesting. I'm always glad to see people trying to apply evidence and data to S.D. The author makes a good point: "Would a major car-maker hire you as a car-safety expert if you just added "Have been twice in a car crash" to your CV/resume?"
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    Favorite animal style

    I always found snake fascinating--though what I know of it is mostly from a Wing Chun instructor who emphasized the snake techniques within it.
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    Last Person #5

    Our two come back to visit pretty often. So, we are not feeling "lonely" yet!