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  • Basically, it's the best compromise for you. The Genbukan has much higher enforced standards than the Bujinkan, and has a section of their syllabus refered to as Goshinjutsu (self defence). Bujinkan schools can be great, or can be pretty bad, so it's more a case of check it out first, as there are no enforced standards. But it's all the same arts. The head of the Genbukan (Tanemura) is the cousin of the head of the Bujinkan (Hatsumi), and the former second in command of the Bujinkan (in the early 80's).

    As to the site, it's not bad. Not much information there, and the first clip is just a newsreport. The street survival stuff was okay. Check them out if you want, as I said, it's best to visit each school you can.
    The school and the instructor are far more important than the system. As far as Ninjutsu is concerned, there is the Bujinkan, the Genbukan, and the Jinenkan. The Genbukan would probably be your best bet, go to www.genkbukan.org to check for schools, but check out the individual instructor first. We have no schools in the US.

    Don't worry about flowers at anyones feet here, there isn't that amount of ego. But I would recommend a PM to JKS to apologise for your post, he'll take it as a sign of maturity and strength. He's an LEO with a lot of experience, and one of the best people for you to listen to here.
    I got your request, we'll see how you go. You're heading in a better path right now, I'll be watching you for the next few days or so.
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