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    How bad does not sparring effect you in a real street fight situation ?

    Its good to spar, Keeps your wits on end.
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    what weapon

    Ever since watching the old ninja turtles cartoons, i've always like their weapons. Corny i know
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    Does anyone know where i can find a katana?

    Cool links guys, Now im definitely getting a Katana. :)
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    Post Workout Drink.

    Interesting, i just drink water lol.,
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    Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    I've played guitar hero a few times, pretty neat
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    NY Schools doing away with Valedictorian awards

    interesting to see how that plays out, thanks for the link
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    Share your greatest song or lyric???

    "Backstreets back alright." Hahah, sorry i had to do it.
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    How TV actually helps in survival situations...

    Yea man awesome story, I guess tv really isnt all that bad for you.
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    First class, what to expect?

    awesome information, thanks guys. i was trained unprofessionally in kung fu. wish i could learn for free, from a sifu of course :)
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    middle-aged TKD newb :D

    Hi guys, new to the forum myself. I've been lurking for a while now and figured i drop in. :)