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    Military Krav Maga given too much credit

    I'd say one of the best ways to emphasize the difference between military and civilian training is this: Who would you least like to fight? A. A civilian who's been studying martial arts for three years. B. An Israeli solider who's been in the army three years and seen combat. The level...
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    Are we creating a conflict in our training?

    Im doing a lot of sparring outside of class with a few friends of mine who do martial arts.We all do a somewhat varied mix of styles, so it gets intersting.It also ends up being somewhat "rough and tumble" so we keep some sense of realism.Highlights so far include my 16 stone brother (thats...
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    Are we creating a conflict in our training?

    Thanks for the feedback guys.Good food for thought.
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    Are we creating a conflict in our training?

    This is something I've been thinking about recently, and I wanted to run it by a few other people and find out what they think.In general, martial arts training is desgined to fight mutliple opponents.Our forms and katas are constructed with this specific aim.Whne we perform these, we keep...
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    Attackers who are high level Martial Artists

    Working on the basis that you wouldnt get attacked by a high level martial artist, because they SHOULDNT do it, is not a good line of logic.I figure you should try and train to deal with as many eventualities as possible, one of these being that you're opponent might have some real...
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    What do you think about Kajukenbo?

    Does anyone know if there are any Kajukenbo dojo's in Ireland?It seems that there are a whole load of styles that have never shown up over here, more's the pity.
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    Fed up with training now!!!!

    I was in pretty much the same boat as you for a while.Im doingthe same thing, Ive been training for about 5 years in a few different styles and I had a similiar problem.Maybe you should think of making your training slightly rougher.Whenever you're practicing you're defence make sure you're...
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    How old were you when you first started Martial Arts?

    I started Wado-Ryu Karate when I was 14, Genbukan Ninpo when I was 15, Aikido when I was 16, Wan Hwa Do when I was 18 and Haidong Gumdo when I was 19.Im still doing all of them by the way, despite a tendency to avoid gradings.
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    Religon And Martial Art Orgins

    Im Christian as well, although Im probably reading a little bit more Nietzsche than is good for me.There is indeed several references in the bible which speak of angels assuming human form to communicate with humanity.The key word here is ASSUME.This implies that their original form is not...
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    Does your school do what Bruce Lee did?

    One of Bill Hick's more popular jokes is about how if you disagree with drugs then you should take out all your rock albums and burn them, cause the musicans who made them were REALLY high on drugs.
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    Religon And Martial Art Orgins

    Well first off what do you mean by Martial Sciences?Specific styles can have their lineage traced back to different countries, but the actual concept of a style is something that showed up everywhere.In nearly every country in the world an effort was made to develop some system of combat rather...
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    Who in your family besides you also study martial arts?

    My brother studies it as well, pretty much the same stuff as me and for the same period as me.Thing is,, were physically quite different - Im tall, thin and agile, he's big and bulky, so despite doing the same styles we fight completely differently.
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    Martial Arts = Satan

    In response to the original topic I'll give my traditional response to all fanatics.It's only blasphemy if you are right and since you cant prove that SOD OFF!It might not be subtle but it gets to the point.
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    Can anyone name this art form please?

    What worries me most is how the instructor kicked the Judo instuctor they invited.That shows a severe lack of respect and I worry about what kinda attitude that wold foster in the students.That kinda behaviour would be bad enough in a regular dojo, but a bunch of badly-trained students with bad...