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    Who is Jim Pritchard?

    Thanks for the information Chris, unfortunally for me to late because I allready bought the book. I also found out there are a few reviews on Amazon on the book which I wish I had read earlier. But I didn't pay so much for the book, just 13,50 euro, which is probably 10 dollar? So basically it...
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    Who is Jim Pritchard?

    Dear members, Can anyone tell me more about Jim Pritchard? I bought his book The Warrior Mind in which he describes himself as a disciple of Ninjitsu and Taijitsu (notice the spelling!) with advanced training in in the Ninjitsu way of the Shadow Warrior. And that is...????? He doesn't name...
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    Russian Ninjutsu books

    Hello Ryumon, I hope you are still active on this forum. It is a while but by accident I noticed that you had responded to my question. Can you give the names of all the russian books by Valery Momot? I own two books in english from him by now, but still none in russian. Thanks!
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    18 Disciplines of Budo Taijutsu!

    Most of the 18 skills are still taught today, some in the Dojo and some outside. Maybe not all of them constantly through the teachers but you can study them by yourself the rest of the time. They are all interconnected so if you leave some out your total training will be unballanced. Maybe the...
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    Best Ninjutsu Book?

    Right now I am reading a book called Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu - Ninja Tradition. Exploring the essence of the Martial Arts and it is very interesting. It is written by Alex Esteve in 2002 and has beautiful pictures of our Grandmaster in it, with a total of 285 pages. Also there are brief...
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    Best Ninjutsu Book?

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    ninja fiction

    Most of these books are pretty old allready and probably not available in the normal bookshops. But if you try Abebooks, Ebay or Amazon on the internet, you are likely to find some of them. Good luck.
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    Ninja Mask???

    What's wrong with wearing Ninja masks? It is part of our Ninja tradition. You make it sound as if it is something totally alien. But we don't wear them all the time, hardly anytime actually. We tried them out a few times but it was no succes. Allthough I was exaggeration a bit the last time, it...
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    Ninja Mask???

    I don't know why anybody is interested in the Ninja mask? I tried to use it and actually have wear it during training but it is basically useless. It blocks your hearing, makes you breath louder and you cannot see where your opponent is anymore because you only have very limited vision in front...
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    ninja fiction

    Dear readers, actually there are many titles which are dealing with this subject. I will start with the historical Ninja stories, if you want also titles from other categories just let me know. 1. Katsumi Toda - Shadow of the Ninja (1982) 2. Katsumi Toda - Revenge of the Shoguns Ninja (1984) 3...
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    Fujita Seiko: Last of the Koga Ninja

    Quote: Originally Posted by Henso Albertus, I noticed a while ago that you expressed interest in the publication of my book. Have you read it? and if so, what did you think? Hello Henso, greetings to you. Yes I have obtained a copy of your book and did read it. I think it is a very good...
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    Searching for thread

    This Mark Steven Grove supposedly has written a hugh book on his version of Ninjutsu, can anyone confirm this? And maybe give some more information about it. Thanks in advance.
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    new book by Hiromitsu Kuroi?

    Thanks for this information. I wrote the publisher twice about this but they never responded. I don't know why.
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    Ed Martin

    I am deeply touched by all the positive responds this one post alone triggers by all the readers of this forum. I want to let you know that it undoubtedly not only lifts up Ed Martin's spirit but also mine. There is still hope for this world! And offcourse I want to wish Ed Martin a quick...
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    bad martial arts books

    Yes I have made the same mistake several times, especially :angry: Ashida Kim :angry: has the habit of reprinting over and over again, some examples : Ninja secrets of invisibility from 1983 is reprinted as The invisible Ninja in 1997 ; Forbidden fighting techniques of the Ninja from 1984 is...