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  • Hi Alan,

    Sorry, I only just saw your post on my profile page. :) Oh yes, I was very excited about the Saints winning the Super Bowl! Some of the fans were funny by having a ceremony to burn the paper bags they used to wear over their heads during the games. Lol My yoga/pilates teacher quit teaching awhile back and I haven't found another class. I was doing the P90X program for awhile and they have a very good (and very hard) Yoga dvd. I try to keep doing some of the stretches and poses. My body feels really tight if I don't do them. Hope you are well. : )
    I fine :) maybe a little nervous because I've my grading to test for 8th kyu in 2 days but otherwise im ok :)
    Maybe I can't be the first to message you, but I can be the first to friend you! Welcome to the forum, AlanE. I can see that you'll be one hell of an asset to our community.
    Thanks for the message you left me but I think it was Jenny-in-Chio that posted
    the response you were quoting! See Ya later mater
    Thank you Alan - and the same to you. Spread those wings and fly free. :) MA can help you soar - it does for me.
    (Did I figure out how to reply...I'm about to hit send!)

    --I thought of a similar thing when I saw your Sig! Fly free, Blade. :)
    I like the quote you chose for your sig. 'only the disciplined are truly free' It kinda reminds me of a saying I have "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Kinda goes with your saying that you need vigilance, disciplin, to be truly free. It also goes with my sig quote about discipline as well. :)
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