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    New Jersey Car and Bike Show

    I thought I'd post this for the car/bike people on the board. It's that time of the year again. The Knights of Columbus Council 9914 (Of which I am Grand Knight) are having our 3rd Annual Car and Bike show. The proceeds of the event will go to the many charities we contribute to throughout...
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    Rather spar a biker (if you're talking about clubs and 1%'s)? Hope that was a joke. I know a few bikers I'd NEVER want to tangle with unless I had absolutely no other choice. Most make badgers look like kittens. Very dangerous people and unpredictable as well. Mike
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    "Biker" IMHO has a somewhat negative feel to it (to those who don't realize what it's about). To the public in general, I feel it's a term that they associate with 1% clubs. Although, my brother is a member of B.A.C.A. (Bikers against child abuse) and they do some very good work with victims...
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    A few nice moves.

    Yup, gotta agree with you there. We incorporate Aikido techniques into our Ju-Jitsu system and must admit it's my favorite of the arts we combine in our system. Students tell me my Ju-Jitsu looks very Aikidoish Michael
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    Grading tonight

    Agree ^^^^^ When I test students, I'm testing them on what I see that night, but, also what I've seen them do in regards to working on the test itself. Everyone gets nervous and makes mistakes on tests. It's part of training. To fail a student, especially a child, for one slip-up is a little...
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    How wouldn you break this up?

    I wouldn't. Very silly and dangerous to get between two people fighting. My wife's uncle tried that once, trying to be the peacemaker.....and got killed for it. Dangerous, very dangerous. Michael
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    Quoted for truth. Or with Bruce lee " Boards....don't hit back" I can show my 5 yr old how to break a board, not hard to do. You can teach the same thing with a bag, shield or focus pads and not have the chance of having your students injure themselves needlessly. IMHO, breaking...
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    Dancing people vs. LEOs

    More people thinking they can do whatever they want whenever they want even though they were repeatedly warned by LEO's that there would be arrests. They got exactly what they asked for. Clearly they were pushing the limits and went to jail for it. Good for them! I'd like to see them try...
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    Little Mikey is a bad ***

    Stream was shallow, maybe two feet deep where we were crossing.
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    Sparring Courage - You must see this

    Bill, Thanks for posting this. She was out ranked and out sized....and still she chose to get into it. VERY WELL DONE!! Shows a lot of character. She probably learned a lot from sparring with the higher ranks. The Gen Lee Ju-Jitsu Club honors her for her fortitude and just plain old guts...
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    Black Belt Test

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    Little Mikey is a bad ***

    Biggest thing I brought home was a 3 ft. snapping turtle that I accidentally stepped on crossing a stream. I thought it was a rock and when I stepped on moved! My friend and I grabbed it and said " we gotta bring this home and show your mom" Well my mom was NOT pleased with our catch...
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    5th dan jodo pre grading

    Pretty cool! Thanks Mike
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    Cute and Samurai ...

    I love the little "YES!!" jump and fist pump. Mike
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    Learning to roll.....

    Along with the other input, I usually have the student start from a low position and tell them that they should feel the mat on their body on every part of the roll. If doing a left side forward roll; tuck your chin in, start roll and feel the mat from your wrist to your forearm, to your...