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  • Hi Aedrasteia,

    Good Morning...
    Thank you for your kind post.
    Have a nice day.....:)

    Your mail box is full, dear Aedrasteia, so I reply to your most welcome mail here.

    Good Evening Aedrasteia

    Thank you most deeply for your kind thoughts - it has been a very bad week for me, with my grief roaring back to it's full strength once more, so your words are very well timed :takes hand and bows low:.

    I had been warned that this will happen on occasion but it is so very hard to face each day without her as it is. This aching hole where my heart should be dominates everything and thinking of all those years alone along the road of life, where we should have walked together, is almost more than I can bear at times.

    My gratitude for your warm heart

    Hi Aedrasteia

    Your Inbox is full, so I just wanted to thank you very deeply indeed for such kind words that you mailed to me; your thoughtfulness to take the time to speak them means a great deal :bows:.

    I thank you too for your good advice - that is 'medicine' I am more than eager to try :).

    Cheers {raises glass}

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