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    Richard J. Van Donk

    cross training
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    The Gaza War

    mixed feelings, they were in a dangerous spot, but the Israelis are helping their PR image, to be blunt.
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    The Gaza War

    thoughts on the cyprus boat bringing aid to gaza getting rammed by the Israeli navy?
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    Richard J. Van Donk

    Agreed, as you advance so does the level of subtlety in technique and you can't get that from a vid. Every time we revisit a technique you end up picking up something you hadn't before.
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    Better quality training! Need advice.

    yeah there is, no offense, but you'll ultimately have to unlearn all the slop they tried to brainwash you with
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    Better quality training! Need advice.

    sounds like you've come to the revelation that you in fact need a better art to train in
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    Your 1st Dan testing..

    You need self defense, and it should take more than a few years to get there to. I like the idea of the 5 mile run, you might throw in something like cpr training to.
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    Bail Out Automakers ... or let 'em fall?

    yes, yes he does. What we have been doing doesnt work, time for something new.
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    Can anybody fight like this?

    cgi does wonders to
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    Working toward the end

    How long does it take? Most dojangs that are that big money are usually in it for the money.
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    World population control?

    war = population control
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    Elliptical Trainer - Questions/Your Experience

    they seem faily versatile and and are good at not beating on your knees.
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    Naming Your Sword

    you guys name yer swords? ok...