Yoji Fujimoto Shihan 7th dan

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    Fujimoto Shihan was born in 1948 in Hagi in Japan. His teachers were Tohei Koichi Sensei and, later on, Masuda Sensei. In 1971 Fujimoto San who was at that time Sandan, went to Italy where he met Tada Sensei. He lives in Milan where he established Dojo Milano and became Vice Instructor of Aikikai d'Italia.

    Fujimoto San teaches Aikido in Milan, but almost every weekend he holds seminars in other towns and for many years, a Summer Seminar in Laces in the wonderful mountain region of North Italy during July. Moreover he assists Tada Sensei in the main Italian Aikido events: an Easter Seminar, Summer Seminar and a Fall Seminar. He also teaches in Yugoslavia and Ireland and he is often invited to hold seminars in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Russia etc. Since 1994 Fujimoto Shihan has held the rank of 7th Dan. Fujimoto Shihan was chief instructor at AFSA's 25th anniversary in 2002.

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