Yahoo: UFC 108 fighters hit the 80's for entrance music

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    01-04-2010 06:30 PM:[​IMG]A UFC event is the last place you'd expect to hear an Emmylou Harris. The entrance music is usually some hard-charging metal or rap. Dustin Hazelett seemed to foreshadow his demise with some haunting tunes from the 62-year-old country music legend by coming out to "Wayfairing Stranger." He created a "what the [expletive]?" moment amongst the 13,255 in attendance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

    Duane "Bang" Ludwig also hit the 80's by choosing a song from Falco, "Push, Push." Don't remember the name? He's the guy who released two classics, "Der Komissar" and "Rock Me Amadeus," from the cheesy era.

    Rashad Evans also went retro using KRS-One featuring a sampling from Blondie with "Step into a World (Rapture's Delight)".

    Allison Duck from the Las Vegas Sun did a nice breakdown of the UFC 108 songs.

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