Yahoo: Tito-Chuck III: The hype begins last night on Twitter

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    03-03-2010 04:40 PM:[​IMG]The six weeks of taping is complete. We get to see the drama begin to unfold at the end of the month. You don't want to see Chuck Liddell face Tito Ortiz for a third time? Before you make a decision, wait until you see season 11 of "The Ultimate Fighter." I haven't seen or heard anything about the season but judging by what unfolded on Twitter last between Dana White, Chuck Liddell and "Jenna Jameson," it's going to be nasty.

    It all started out nicely a few days ago when a gracious Tito returned to Southern Cal after a month and a half in Las Vegas.

    Then UFC president Dana White, a good buddy of Liddell's, fired off a tweet about a blog saying "The Iceman" was once again the "The Iceberg."
    Jenna Jameson, which we'll find out later was really Ortiz, fired the shot. ​

    Then Liddell got wind of what he thought was the porn star spouting off. ​


    Then Jenna/Tito said in spite of going 0-2 in their first two fights, Ortiz never gave up.


    In between going at it with dozens of Twitter followers, Jenna/Tito also decided to lob a few bombs at Josh Koscheck. Koscheck, a buddy of Liddell's told Cagewriter after UFC 106, that he would fight Ortiz (Video) after hearing all of his excuses for a loss to Forrest Griffin. ​



    As the night ended, Liddell fired off a few more at what he thought was Jameson. ​


    Not exactly sure what that means. Has Ortiz scolded Jameson in the past for her trash talks and attacks on White and other fighters? Then Ortiz buried the hatchet, for at least a few hours. ​


    Keep in mind the average of the three folks tweeting here is roughly 37 years old. That said, the Tito-Chuck-Dana heat is real will never go away. It should make for a good reality season and even better lead-up to the fight.​

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