Yahoo: Palaszewski's experience pays off with victory via armbar

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    Karen Darabedyan delivered everything gym insiders have bragged about. The Armenian fighting out of Southern California beat up Bart Palaszewski on the feet, slammed him to the ground and brutalized "Bartimus" in his guard. One problem, he didn't bring home the victory.

    Palaszewski was getting the worst of it in the guard but stayed active with his leg and event ually caught Darabedyan in a mistake. The 26-year-old got a hold of Darabedyan's arm, locked on the armbar and rolled over. With 28 seconds left in the opening round, even a tough dude like Darabedyan couldn't hold out. Palaszewski (34-13, 3-2 WEC) won his second straight in the WEC at 4:40 of the first round. The Polish fighter now based on Wonder Lake, Ill. immediately rose to his feet and pointed to his head. He was right, the outsmarted the younger fighter.

    "He kept leaving his arms out," said Palaszewski. "I kept spinning, my corner was yelling at me to go for an arm. I like to bang and put on a show but it doesn't work like that. I gotta win a fight."

    Palaszewski has stood toe-to-toe with some great strikers in the past but he had a rough go against Darabedyan, 23. One minute into the fight, he got pinned against the cage and the Armenian unloaded a barrage of punches before slamming him to the ground.

    "The plan was to stay on the outside," said Palaszewski. "I wish i was a little bit taller. He moved in and he was clipping me, [then] got me down on a double."

    Once in Palaszewski's guard Darabedyan (9-2, 1-1 WEC) landed some big shots but simply allowed his opponent to work his legs too much. This was a huge win for Palaszewski, who beat a highly touted prospect his last time out as well in Anthony Pettis. Bartimus delivered tonight as a plus-240 underdog.

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