Yahoo: Lightweight contender/slumlord Sotiropoulos wins his latest fight

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    03-02-2010 08:45 AM:[​IMG]George Sotiropoulos has all the makings of a fan favorite. He's a humble dude with an affable personality but one of his tenants in Australia is claiming Sotiropoulos is the UFC's Leona Helmsley.

    Okay, it's not that bad but Sotiropoulos is embroiled in a battle for back rent. Brad Evans, a tenant of a Sotiropoulos' property in Belmont, owes the Aussie MMA star $2,000. Why hasn't he paid? Evans claims that Sotiropoulos refuses to replace an old, out-of-date oven that only cooks on one temperature. As a result, he's not paying the rent. That didn't go over well with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

    "This is where you are in trouble. You are not allowed to withhold rent for repairs," said VCAT member Stella Moraitis.

    Evans told the Geelong Advertiser he nows fears that his wife and five kids may soon be on the streets while Sotiropoulos is rolling around in a bed of cash.

    "He gets $1 million for a fight and we could be homeless," said Evans.

    Evans may be overstating Sotiropoulos' payday. In any case, the fighter will be getting an extra $75 a week out of Evans, who already pays $1100 per month for the rental. Moraitis also reprimanded Sotiropoulos and his management company for not replacing the oven.

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