Yahoo: Koscheck is going to put his foot down Daley's throat

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    02-10-2010 07:05 PM:If fans weren't wowed by UFC 108 and UFC 109 because of a lack of heat between fighters, get ready for the spring and summer. MTV's "Yo Momma" is going to look weak compared to some of the smack talk before upcoming UFC events. Brock Lesnar's next fight against Shane Carwin or Frank Mir, John Howard-Anthony Johnson, Tito Ortiz-Chuck Liddell are going to all feature fighters spitting fire. But the best of the best has to Josh Koscheck against Paul Daley. Daley has already started and Koscheck sat down with ESPNRadio1100 in Las Vegas for his first comments about their fight at UFC 113 in early May (6:50 mark).

    "Paul Daley is talking a lot," said Koscheck. "Paul is going to get his mouth shut. I've been in this game for a long time and yeah I talk a lot of trash but guess what, I back it up at the end of the day. If Paul Daley's going to talk, is he going to come into the cage on May 8 and back it up? I can guarantee I am."

    Koscheck said he's back in training after dealing with some minor injuries and he wants to make sure Daley can't speak again.

    "I plan on rearranging them teeth in his mouth. He already has those braces and those messed up teeth. So maybe we'll put some railroad spikes in there."

    Daley is a standup specialist while Koscheck features nasty ground and pound. It's a stylistic matchup Koscheck is looking forward to.

    "Don't be afraid to talk a little bit to entice me to stand. Because I good standup and I have a good chin. I have a lot of power. and if I put my right hand on your chin, you're going to go to sleep."

    Is Koscheck biting off more than he can chew? Martin Kampmann thought his chin would hold up against Daley and so did Dustin Hazelett.

    Koscheck also spoke about Tito Ortiz calling Chuck Liddell an alcoholic. His response wasn't very pro-Tito.

    Yahoo! Sports.
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