Yahoo: Kim "Mil Mascaras" Couture goes to Mexico for a win

Discussion in 'MMA News' started by Clark Kent, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Kim Couture had her head handed to her in a Strikeforce fight against Kerry Verabut she's not giving up and she's added fashion accessories to hergame. Couture was in Mexico City to face Rosa Vizcarra. She entered thearena in 'luche libre' style with some sort of kitty mask then took outthe claws and beat the snot out of her opponent scoring a first roundTKO.

    Masks made famous in the U.S. by pro wrestler Mil Mascarashave always been a part of shows in Mexico. Anyone who's crossed backinto the States from Tijuana has probably added a mask and littlebulldog to their future garage sale inventory. The mask has also becomepopular over the years in Japan. Most recently it was the masked Kinnikuman facing Bob Sapp.

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