Yahoo: Jersey boy Miller outlasts Bocek in a tight UFC 111 bout

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    03-27-2010 10:38 PM:In what is an early candidate for fight of the night, New Jersey native Jim Miller won a unanimous decision, 29-28 on all cards.

    This fight was everywhere -- on the ground, on the feet, and all over the Octagon. Mark Bocek showed off unbelievable toughness in the first round as he outlasted a tough Miller Kimura attempt. Bocek appeared to think about tapping, but held on and made it through the round without getting his shoulder ripped off.

    Bocek dominated the second round, spending much of it on Miller's back. Bocek mounted Miller's back but wasn't ever able to sink in the hooks to finish the choke. Miller lasted nearly 90 seconds in a tight body triangle from Bocek, but held on.

    In the third round, Bocek ate knees while trying to get a takedown, but finally finished the takedown. However, in the final seconds, Miller took Bocek's back. He didn't do any damage there but in a fight so close, every little bit helped.

    Yahoo! Sports.
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