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Discussion in 'Women of the Martial Arts (Women Martial Artists)' started by Shotokan Seishin, Aug 14, 2016.

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    Ok ladies.....I'm looking for a new karate gi that is going to FIT me.

    Is there a karate go out there that is tailored to the female figure and actually does a good job of fitting? My biggest issue is that I tend to fall between sizes. Because of this I select the larger size to account for shrinkage. When I didn't select a size up the gi was fit great when I got it but shrunk too much even after it was washed in cold water and hung to dry.

    The jackets tends to be the biggest problem child of my uniforms. They tend to be way to wide across the shoulders. This causes the shoulder seam to sit down my arms at the midpoint to my biceps. When I raise my arms the gi jackets yanks out of my belt and subsequently bunches up and has to constantly be yanked back down.

    Can anyone recommend a gi that fits women well?

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