Triple I.M.P.A.C.T. 2008 & Tai Chi Workshop with Sifu Rick Barrett

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    Triple I.M.P.A.C.T. 2008 is just around the corner.

    This year Guru Mike Casto, Guru Ken Pannell (Guru Mike's Sikal instructor) and Shihan Billy Jack Worsham (of Shen Chuan) will be presenting. This event is always a good time - a lot of camaraderie and fun packaged with a lot of top notch training.

    Guru Mike Casto teaches Sikal at Louisville Martial Arts Academy. Guru Ken Pannell is the founder of Sikal and teaches at the headquarters, Asian Fighting Arts. Sikal draws from Filipino Kali and Indonesian Pentjak Silat and specializes in weapon usage/defense, especially blades, and close quarters fighting with or without weapons.

    Guru Mike trained in Shen Chuan with the system founder, Prof. Joe Lansdale, and hold a 2nd Degree black belt in the system. The system specializes in joint locking, balance disruption and fluid, powerful striking. Shihan Billy Jack is one of the senior practitioners/instructors in the system. He's a joy to spend time with and has a wealth of information to share.

    This year we are also working in cooperation with Winding Grove Center for Internal Arts to present a workshop with Sifu Rick Barrett. Sifu Rick is an excellent Tai Chi practitioner/instructor. He is able to present Tai Chi principles in a way that is very readily grasped by most anyone. Working with him is an incredible experience and can do wonders for your understanding of balance and balance disruption. Even if you're not a Tai Chi practitioner you will find this workshop useful because the material will help deepen your understanding of the balance and balance disruption principles that you are already familiar with from your primary system (all martial arts systems I'm familiar with work on balance and balance disruption to one extent or another).

    Check out the flyer and register online at

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