The Savage MK II FV–SR rifle By Peter M. Reiff Sr.

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    Land of the Free
    The Savage MK II FV–SR rifle
    By Peter M. Reiff Sr.

    Firearms rarely “grab” me, I browse the paper rags, surf the net, and infrequently wander through the local gun stores just to see what is new. I guess that I have just been around them too long, shot too many firearms, and have seen too many of the Madison Avenue marketed “Wonder du Jour” guns turn out to be absolute belly flops.

    The Savage MK II FV-SR is the atypical bolt action .22 rimfire with a few slight cosmetic revisions for those who prefer keeping up tactical appearances. This rifle was discovered while surfing the net looking for a “new” bolt action .22 rimfire to be used for some friendly tactical rimfire matches with my co workers.

    (Download PDF for full article with photos)

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