Systema Seminar in Chicago July 15-17

Discussion in 'Organizations' started by kenpoblack, Jul 2, 2005.

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    The A-Academy of Self Defense Ltd. Will have some of the greatest Systema instructors take part in this awesome three day seminar. You will be amazed by the knowledge of Martin Wheeler, Al McCluckie, and Vladimir Vasiliev.

    click on this link to get to the website for the information.

    Have a great day

    Charles O'Hearn III
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    Great news for those in the area!

    Charles - please, take a tip from one who has done a buncha seminars - post notices more in advance - it often tkaes alot of maneuvering for someone to$$$$ time off - it can be better served by at least a months prior notice.

    I am certain you will have a good turnout with the illuminaries mentioned - Vlad can be featured alone in less than a wek and draw a crowd - but in all fairness to those who would love to attend and yourself also - try to post notice earlier - give a chance to all challenged by lifes limitations.

    THAT is NOT a criticism, sir. Just advice from a former seminar promoter. Better a full floor than one just full enough. Its better for you - for all who need lead time - and for sharing the work with as many as possible. :asian:

    I am certain you ALL will have a BLAST!
    And also - as the MOD here - could I ask a favor of you or any attendee?
    Would you please be kind enough to post a review of this seminar here?
    Share the experience - share the luv - with us all, who could not be there?

    Thanks so much.
  3. kenpoblack

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    Thank you sir. I would have posted a heck of alot sooner, but I had my account deactivated for not being on for so long LOL. I appreciate the advice and I will do my best to give some of the candid experiences of the seminar. I hope we have a great turnout from the seminar. We already have a great number, I just posted this for those that will be around the CHi-town area and want to get more knowledge no matter what style or system you go to.

    Thanks Man
  4. Arthur

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    Chicago? Cool, is this a fund raiser seminar for Arkady's family?

  5. kenpoblack

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    Yes I believe that some of the proceeds will go to Arkadiy family. Its unfortunate what happened our prayers go out to his family.


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