Putting Other Martial Artists Down

Discussion in 'Beginners Corner' started by Bill Mattocks, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Years ago we were babysitting a secure facility that was under renovation. A temporary fence had been put up, a six foot chain link job, and we were parked behind a sliding gate used for construction vehicles. There was a huge sign that read "DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAY". It was a humid, drizzly, late summer night, one of those nights in Boston that just fogs your windows no matter what you do.

    My partner and I were in a brand spanking new SUV with all the bells and whistles, a real monster of a rig. A car pulls up and blocks the driveway. Four college age girls. They don't even notice our vehicle. A big bong comes out and they start smoking. Their windows immediately fog up. My partner and I look at each other and giggle. He gets out and quietly slides the gate open. We start our vehicle and slowly creep up to the side of their car. They have no idea we're there. We get to within six inches of their doors and stop. Then, both of us using two hands, turn on everything - blue lights, spotlights, fog lights, sirens, klaxon horns. You might say we startled them. You could hear the screams as the bong goes flying off their inside roof.

    We kill the lights and sounds and my partner gets on the mike. "Ladies, please move your car. Go home." They did. Still makes me giggle. :)
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