New Martial Arts Monthly Periodical!

Discussion in 'Organizations' started by KempoShaun, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Hi all, my organization has just started a new Martial Arts Monthly publication, which can be found at , and we are desperately looking for contributors and sponsors. Anyone want to contribute or help out in any way? We're looking for people from all styles and organizations as we wish to have a broad spectrum of articles. I can be contacted at if you're interested, or go to the above mentioned website and use the contact us link at Also, if any of the admins here read this, we've put a link to MartialTalk on our site, and it will also be in the paper copies of the magazine, maybe we could work out a mutual exchange of links? Please help us out if you're interested in becoming a contributor, no age or rank restrictions apply and we discriminate against NO art!

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