KOA Grandmaster seminars Las Vegas Nv.

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    KOA Grand Master Seminar and Tournament
    GM Ted Sotelo GM Al Dela Cruz GM Al Dacascos
    July 17, 18, 19 2008
    Location of the Plaza Hotel and Casino in on #1 South Main St. Las Vegas Nevada, USA 89101 Tel: (702)-386-2110 or 1 (800) - 634-6575 Email: plazahotelcasino.com

    More detail information on all cost for both events in Las Vegas and Hawaii will be distributed in Mid- January 2008.

    All activities for the Banquet, Seminars, meetings and tournament will take place inside the Plaza Hotel and Casino. WHKD Continuous Education Program will continue in Hawaii.

    More information here!

    Reservation and Discount rates for the Plaza Hotel for KOA and Kajukenbo people and groups are made available by saying that you are there for the KOA or Kajukenbo Events. Book your reservation for the 17 to the 21 early to guarantee your room. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact GM Dacascos

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