Is American Kenpo Fake?

Discussion in 'Kenpo / Kempo - General' started by JKDJade, Nov 1, 2020.

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    University boxing would be the exception.

    Eg. Cambridge University Amateur Boxing Club
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    Originally, in Okinawa, it was only the upper caste that practiced martial arts. The "poor people" were too busy trying to make a living. If you look at all the early karate masters, they worked for the king in some capacity. If you look at the history of boxing, it was taught to the upper caste as a method of self-defense against hooligans and other riff-raff.

    I think it has always been a blend, what I think changes is the type of school were the person goes to learn. For example, it used to be boxing was taught in clubs and community centers for free in many places. Their location would make it so the lower income kids would go there as opposed to upper income people wanting to learn it.
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    So, it would seem this thread deviated from the original point, but I would like to chime in on that original point regardless. When I lived in Tucson, I trained in Aikido (my main art) and Parker-style Kenpo for about six months simultaneously. I had just learned "Crashing Wings" (I believe that's the name), and had begun practicing it on my own a few times a week, when we began working a double wrist grab from behind technique in Aikido. A buddy of mine was my partner, and, having some street fighting experience, he liked to challenge me in the dojo. He asked for permission to get frisky, which I granted, and he, without warning, switched from a wrist grab from behind to an attempted full nelson. Without skipping a beat, I performed Crashing Wings, and successfully took him down. When I was helping him up, he asked what I had done, and I excitedly replied "Kenpo!"

    I relate this anecdote to you because it earned Kenpo a special respect in my mind. I haven't tested out all of my techniques on unsuspecting opponents, or even many of them, but the fast acquisition of muscle memory of Crashing Wings, and the ability to perform it as I did, just by practicing it as directed, really left an impression on me. I've said before that I believe virtually all arts bring something to the table, and I believe Kenpo has an absolutely brilliant method of teaching it's techniques.
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    Kempo is real. A punch, kick, eye poke, are all real legitimate moves that can hurt an opponent.123

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