Have a real deal Kenpo ultraman 4 sale

Discussion in 'The ProShop' started by jacksmall, Apr 14, 2017.

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    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I came across some plans for an ultraman and got the square tube steel, steel plate, plywood and foam rubber and duct tape to build it.

    It's got layers of foam rubber and duct tape over the frame which fits over two square steel tube pegs welded to steel plate which is bolted to double ply plywood with another steel plate underneath. Both plates tapped and threaded to take the bolts. There are three cross bars, one at shoulders, one at lower torso/groin, one at "ankle" level.

    You get the idea. Head, shoulder, torso groin, leg targets. It is hard as wood and tough as heck. This thing has been beat (with rattan and practice sticks mainly) with seemingly no effect. No other bag or dummy or whatever can take abuse like these things. If anything splits, you just replace the duct tape.

    I haven't used it in a long time and probably won't again. I put $150 into the materials for making it (got the welding done by a friend for free), and would like to break even on it. Asking $150.

    It breaks into two parts, the dummy itself weighs maybe 30-40 lbs and the base maybe 90 or so? IDK. It's heavy and awkward and I can't ship it UPS but eventually I'm going to get sick of taking it with me when I move and it's going to the dump.

    I would rather somebody get it who knows what it is, can appreciate it and can make use of it. I am in Pennsylvania. I can make arrangements to meet either in the Erie or Dauphin County, PA areas. I would advise either at least a medium SUV or pickup to haul it.

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    For a true "ultraman" effect, put spoons over its eyes.
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