GM Latosa loses home to CA Wildfires

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    The horrific wildfires that are raging across California's wine country have ravaged the town of Windsor and burned GM Rene Latosa's home. On facebook, he reports that at least he and his family escaped safely.

    For those who do not know of him, GM Latosa is one of the pioneers of FMA, promoting Escrima in the USA and Europe. He began his training in Stockton's famous First Escrima Academy where he was one of the very early student's of such legends as Angel Cabales, Leo Giron, and Maximo Sarmiento, as well as training under his father, John Latosa. During his service in the USAF, he spread FMA in Europe. After completing his years of service, he returned home to teach Escrima here in the States as well as abroad over the last forty-some years. And today, he continues to teach his Latosa Escrima Concepts around the world.

    Our hearts and prayers go out to GM Latosa and his family in the wake of this tragedy.
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