Balance Disruption with Guru Mike Casto

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    I'll be teaching a workshop on balance disruption on Saturday, February 7, 2009 from 2PM - 6PM at Louisville Martial Arts Academy in Louisville, KY. Cost is $45.

    This will be my last hurrah, so to speak, in Louisville before I head for Arizona. I'll be teaching various workshops en route to AZ and I'll post information about those as we get closer to the dates for them.

    The previous balance disruption workshop in November was very well received. Everyone in attendance - from the beginner with a few months experience to the seasoned practitioner with 20 years - came away with something useful. That was a 2 hour workshop.

    This workshop in February will be 4 hours. We'll review what was covered in November but we'll have time to go much farther.

    I will also have a DVD video for sale at the event that I put together from the November event. There will be a revised DVD after this event in February. People who buy the first release of the DVD will get a discount on the revised version when it comes out. You can see an excerpt from this DVD at

    Visit for an online flyer and to register.

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