81 year old lady foils bank robbers escape plan with an elbow

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  1. A real meaning to the phrase "my grandmother hits harder than that!"

    This past Holloween night my grandmother was filling her car up with gas. Meanwhile a few blocks away in the outskirts of Richmond Virginia, a bank robber escapes from the BB&T bank with the police hot on his trail. He ran to the gas station where my grandmother was filling up her Crown Victoria. As she reached in the front seat to get her purse to pay for the gas, the bank robber came up behind her and shoved her into the car screaming "Im taking your car". Unexpectedly, my grandmother proped herself up turned and elbowed the man in the face knocking him to the ground and saying "no you are not". By that time a policeman arrived and pulled a gun on the robber and told him to get on the ground. Within seconds other police officers arrived as well. My grandmother was a little shaken up after the event, however she was not hurt. She helped the police save the day as well as her own life. She said that the man did not really push her that hard. He highly underestimated the strength and courage of a little old lady.

    My grandmother is only about 5'2" tall and is obviously not built for hard labor anymore and has never had any self defense training in her life, but she can sure kick butt when she wants to. I say great job grandma, now she can be an inspiration to many women besides me.
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    Glad to hear that your grandma wasnt hurt. Too bad they didnt catch that on a security camera.
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    Good for her! I'm sure the guy won't be bragging about that one to his fellow inmates. ;)
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    That is OUTSTANDING!!! Way to go grandma! Beyond the fact that the perp figured he had just found a fully gassed up and ready to go get away car he probably thought he had a push over for a victim. As Gomer Pyle would say "Surprise, surprise, surprise!":D
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    Don't mess with grandma!
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    Thats the way to get'em down GRANDMA'. I'm sure that guy is goning to think twice before trying something like that again.

    And as for Grandma, I think she deserves lots of love, and a heck of an award for her unknown ability.
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    Gotta love that!!!! She's my kind of hero!

    -- Ceicei
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    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing this story!! Glad your Grandma was unharmed........and good for her!!

    :asian: :karate:
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    WOOT!!! GO GRANDMA!!!!!

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