2013 IKSDA seminar - free to all

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    2013 Annual International Kong Soo Do Association Seminar

    When: April 5-7 2013

    Where: All American Martial Arts 4731 SE 29th Street, Del City, OK 73115

    Cost: This seminar is FREE and provided for all instructors and practitioners of the martial arts courtesy of the Technical Advisory Board and Membership of the IKSDA.

    Contact: Master James Ray 405-601-0639

    The International Kong Soo Do Association is an organization of Korean martial arts schools in the United States and Australia, teaching the arts of Kong Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Tang Soo Do. The focus of IKSDA is self-defense. The training offered at this seminar will be the same that is offered to off-duty Military, Law Enforcement, Correction Officers and E.P. Agents. It is a family-friendly environment. The training will focus on a hands-on approach. Instructors will be posted on the IKSDA website linked below.

    This training seminar is open to any/all instructors and practitioners of the arts (mature teen and above). Advanced rank is not necessary to attend and participate fully. The seminar is free and provided by the members of the IKSDA Technical Advisory Board to promote fellowship between the IKSDA and other martial arts.


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